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Atomic Absorption Spectrometer / Brand EWAI
AA-7090 Series
AA-7090 Series  Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

AA-7090 flame and Zeeman grahite furnace tandem analyzer, with two background correction
Methods: longitudinal Zeeman effect correction and deuterium lamp correction
Transverse heating, longitudinal Zeeman effect graphite furnace, introduced from Australia.
Magnetic field can be varied from a low of 0.6 to a high of 1.1 Tesla in increments of 0.1 Tesla
8-Lamp automated lamp turret
Coded lamp recognition
High efficiency super lamp power supply
The burner head height can be automatically adjusted
Programmable gasbox
Protection gas saving system, high efficiency & reduce your cost
AA-7050 Series
AA-7050 Series  Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

The graphite furnace camera helps users locate injection probe, view sample status in graphite tubes and optimize furnace temperature programming.
Graphite furnace gas saving mode prolongs the usage time of protection gas and therefore reduces the operating cost of the instrument.
Graphite furnace double inner gas path permits an auxiliary gas in addition to the protection gas so as to improve the ashing process and obtain better results
6 coded lamp turret can automatically identify lamp element and record element lamp usage times.
Deuterium lamp fine adjustment mechanism ensures perfect overlap of deuterium lamp and element lamp positions.
Multi-element analysis function and AS-600 flame/graphite furnace auto sampler are equipped to realize fully automated analysis of multiple elements
AA-7020 Series
AA-7020 Series  Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

I Features a unique suspension design for the optical system. Shaking of the instrument bench or change of the environmental temperature will have no effect om the instrument's stability.
I First domestic manufacturer to use an 1800 lines/mm diffraction grating, which increases resolution and energy efficiency.
I Carefully designed dueterium lamp background reduction and self-absorption background reduction allows for more accurate calibration.
I The AA-7020 feature an integrated flame and graphite furnace design that contains the optical system, atomizer, graphite furnace power supply and eletronics all in one unit. it is the first such design and one of the most compact AAS in the world.
   Safe and reliable control alarm devices used to ensure over-current
    protection for hollow cathode lamps, insufficient pressure protection for combustion gas/protection gas, leakge alarm of combustion gas, and over-headting protection for graphite furnace.
  Available accessories include a hydride generator, an autosampler,
    and a nitrous oxide / acetylene gas system, all of which help to further expand the range of application the AA-7020 is suitable for.
  I Additional features include enchanced auxiliary gas functionality, all-titanium constructed burner head with automated height adjustment, and automatic liquid trap protection.  



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