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Bioprep-6 / Bioprep-24

Bioprep-6 Bioprep-24

Fast, effective and reproducible homogenization of a wide range of samples, including tissues and cells hard to lyse. They also own extraordinary power for the processing of even impact resistant samples such as bonesetc. The Bioprep-6 and Bioprep-24 are ideal solutions for releasing DNA, RNA, Proteins, Enzymes, etc. from very tough samples while still retaining molecular integrity

   3D Rotating High Speed Motion for quick disruption of those fibrous
    tissues and resistant cells
  A wide range of rotation speed settings from 4 to 7 m/s
  Brushless motor realizing no brush particle generation
  Easy to remove sample tube holder and fix sample tubes
  Easy to monitor the disruption process through the clear lid
  Simultaneously homogenization:
  - Bioprep-6         6*2ml tubes or 2*5ml tubes
- Bioprep-24     24*2ml tubes or 12*5ml tubes
Grinding tubes
   Bioprep-6: Simultaneous processing 6*2ml/1.5ml/0.5ml tubes or 2*5ml
  Bioprep-24: Simultaneous processing 24*2ml/1.5ml/0.5ml tubes or 12*5ml
  The grinding tubes must be with high toughness and low temperature
How to use beads
1.4mm&2.8mm Ceramic Beads 3mm&6mm Metal Beads 1mm&3mm Glass Beads

Ideal for soft animal, plant or human tissues:
- brain
- liver
- skin
- leaves
- gonad
- muscle, etc.

Ideal for any hard tissue types:
- hair
- teeth
- bones
- seeds
- corn
- rice
- nail, etc.
Ideal for microorganisms Optimal for:
- spores
- fungi
- yeast
- e-coli, etc.
We will offer the Lysing Kits which are available with Plastic or Stainless Steel pre-filled sample tubes in future
Holder and Adapter 
Holder for 6*2.0ml and for 2*5.0ml
for Bioprep-6
Rotor Adapter
Rotor for 24x2.0ml / Rotor for 12x5.0ml
for Bioprep-24 

Any researcher who requires genomic DNA, RNA or recombinant protein as a starting material will benefit from the unit system.
   Northern blot analysis, qPCR and microarrays
  Optimization of recombinant protein expression
  Library synthesis and Southern blots
  Pathogen screening of soil or water
  RT-PCR and differential display
  Environmental surveys
  Verification of food safety

Typical Samples:
   Bone, brain, tumors
  Bacteria gram + or
  Yeast, fungi, spores
  Seeds, roots
  Feces, swabs
  Soil, sediments


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