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  GE Touch Series Thermal Cycler  
  GE- Touch uses customized Marlow(US) peltier. Its max. ramping rate is 5 ℃/s and cycle times is more than 1000,000. The product combines a variety of advanced technologies: Windows system; color touch screen; independently controlled 4 temperature zones,; PC on-line function; printing function; big storage capacity and support USB device. All above functions allow PCRs excellent performance and meet higher experiments need.  
Block Capacity:
  Double 48×0.2ml ,
     Each thermal block has 4 independent temperature control sensors and 8 peltier heating units to ensure accurate
      and uniform temperature across block surface, and provide users with replicating previous condition set-up.
    8 TFT color touch-screen with graphical display provides easy use for setting up and monitoring.
    The actual and target temperatures can be viewed and displayed graphically in real time.
    Built-in 11 standard program file template, can quickly edit the required files.
     Internal flash memory for 10000 typical PCR files in free configurable folders.
    Automatic restart after power failure.
    Compatible with devices such as Mouse and Keyboard and capable to transfer data and perform software updates
      via USB Drive.
    Applicable with the following 0.2ml tube models: non-skirted, semi and fully skirted plated.
    Replaceable module, the choice of a dual-block module can simultaneously run two different PCR programs.





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