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biotechrabbit –  high-quality products for Life Science Research and Molecular Diagnostics.
PCR Products
biotechrabbit products for PCR provide exceptional enzymes for success in all types of applications, while providing a selection of components and formulations to match your requirements.
   Amplification of GC-rich templates
  Amplification of low-copy-number targets
  Difficult templates
  Direct PCR from blood and other crude samples
   Fast polymerase activation in the first PCR denaturation step
  First-strand cDNA synthesis
  Generation of labeled cDNA
  Generation of PCR products for blunt cloning
  Glycosylase-mediated SNP detection
  High-fidelity PCR
  High-throughput PCR
  Hot-start setup at room temperature
  Joining of linkers or adaptors to double-stranded DNA
  Long PCR
  Loop-mediated isothermal amplification
  Multiple displacement amplification
  One-step PCR
  PCR carry-over contamination control
  Protein-primed DNA amplification
  RNA-primed DNA amplification
  Rolling circle amplification
  RT-qPCR based on intercalating dye
  RT-qPCR based on specific probes
  Standard PCR
  Thermolabile inhibition of Taq DNA polymerases
  Virus detection
  Whole genome amplification


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