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Microplate Reader
The AMR-100 Microplate Reader is a reliable and robust instrument for a wide variety of research and clinical applications. It reads various kinds of 96-wells plates, and is equipped with shaking function. It can be used as a stand alone instrument or under PC control with regular
AMR-100 Microplate Reader is a 8-channel absorbance microplate reader that provides not only accurate, reproducible and fast measurements, but also offer innovative design with its easy-to-use control and data analysis software. It is ideal for a variety of ELISA applications in the biology laboratory.
   Easy of use with 7 inch touch screen together with 3 external keys
  A broad wavelength range of 340-750nm
  Able to use individually or connect with PC and export results
  Absorbance range: 0.0~4.000Abs
  8 positions optical filter wheel, equipped with 4 standard optical filters
  Rapid and accurate measurement of 96-well plates within 6 seconds
    8-channel ELISA reader for fast measurements
    Additional reference channel for optimized light intensity
    Endpoint, kinetic and multi-label measurements for a variety of applications
    Shaking with variable time and speed
    PC software, APP software and built-in software for powerful and validated
    data analysis
The AMR-100 Microplate Reader comes with four standard absorbance filters:405, 450, 492, and 630nm. We also supply custom filters at 5~9nm intervals from 340 to 750nm on request.
AMR-100 keeps with high visual and logical user interface of software, it can be offered a comprehensive inbuilt calculations, such as blank subtraction, quantitative curve fit, quanlitative classification and kinetic calculations, as well as the versatile reporting tool and make data reduction.


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