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  OneDrop Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer  
  OneDrop is a conventional laboratory equipment, not only widely used in molecular biological experiments such as DNA, RNA, protein detection, but also used in absorbance detection for the general substance analysis. It includes three common detections to the nucleic acids, nucleic acid markers and proteins. The variable pathlength of OneDrop realizes both the minimum sample volume detection as low as 0.5μL, suitable for precious samples, and the detection to the high concentration including the liquid drop, it builds in the standard cuvette detection module for more use.  



   High sensitivity
  The linear CCD detection unit, new-generation product of Hamamatsu, has higher sensitivity, accuracy as well as repeatability.
  Stability for the long life
  Long-life xenon flash lamp of Hamamatsu ensures stability of detection and the long life of instrument. The lifting detection base with sliding bearing structure has high precision, not easy to damage.
  Variable pathlength
  The minimum detection pathlength is 0.05mm; samples with high concentration can be detected directly without dilution. he user-defined settings are allowed if the pathlength is more than 1mm.The instrument has flexible and convenient detection function.
  Cuvette detection mode
    The cuvette detection mode comes with magnetic stirring function. User can set the heating function and stirring speed for dynamic analysis detection.
Unique designed pipette holder for easy sample adding
Auxiliary holder for adding liquid can ensure the accuracy of adding liquid during micro measurement. It is also suitable for other mainstream brands of micro UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in the market to achieve a stable and simple process of adding liquid
Wireless connection
Wi-Fi connected PC to control the detection and results display and storage without need the cables. Dynamic detection realizes remote controlling and timing reading the results without manual intervention.
User-friendly software
The simple designed interface makes the software user friendly. It will save the detection data and name file automatically, and it is easy to review the files. There is no need to worry about the loss of experimental data. Set U disk upgrade interface, and maintain the latest and most complete function at any time.




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