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Consumable for Spectrophotometer
Cuvette Cell
   Glass Cell  Cuvette 10 mm
  Glass Cell  Cuvette 50 mm
  Quartz Cell Cuvette 10 mm
  Quartz Cell Cuvette 50 mm




Reference Cell
  Validate your instruments with Starna UV/Vis and Fluoresence Certified Reference Sets  
  Use these reference sets to easily validate your UV/Vis and fluoresence spectrophotometers. Each set is supplied with a certificate of analysis and NIST Traceability from our ISO 17025 and UKAS accrediated reference laboratory.  
   NIST Traceable
  Permanently Sealed, Lifetime Warranty
  ISO 9001 certified
  ISO 17025 certified
  ISO Guide 34 certified
  UKAS accrediated laboratory
  Accredited Recertification Service
 Standards for UV/Vis Spectrophotometers
Photometric Accuracy Potassium Dichromate Absorbance scale in the UV
    Nicotinic Acid Absorbance scale in the Far UV
Neutral Density Filters (visible) Absorbance/Transmission in the visible
Metal on Quartz Filters (UV) Absorbance/Linearity in the Far UV
DNA/RNA 260/280 Validation Reference
Resolution/Bandwidth Toluene in Hexane Bandwidth in the UV
  Benzene Vapor Resolution in the UV
Wavelength References Holmium Perchlorate Best for both UV and visible
    Didymium Perchlorate Best for high wavelength visible
Rare Earth Best for Far UV
NIR Best for Near IR
Samarium Perchlorate Good for UV and resolution in UV
Holmium Glass Good for UV/Visible
Didymium Glass Good for Visible
Stray Light References Many materials available Six materials with different cutoffs
 Standards for Fluoresence Spectrophotometers
Quinine Sulfate Quinine Sulfate SRM 936a Calibration cell for fluorometers
Raman Water Reference Water filled cuvette Calibration cell for fluorometers
6BF Reference Set PMMA blocks for calibration Calibration cells for fluorometers


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