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mini LC-80
mini LC-80
mini LC-80 HPLC is designed to fit the needs of uses in special fields, such as Chemical industry, agricultural feed, food industry, teaching and training. As a cost-effective and integrated liquid chromatography, the installation, operating, service and moving of mini LC-80 HPLC is more convenient. On the basis of the analysis needs for food and feed industry, Biometrics have developed various application packages, such as fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, amino acid analysis, melamine, aflatoxin and benzopyreneetc.
The integration, the modularity and the intelligence are all in this instrument of a small size with the convenience of maintenance and free mobility.
Adoption of the leading technology of microcomputer makes the control of unit with just the connection to the PC chromatographic working station possible. Simplification of operation will emancipate you from the hard work in the laboratory!


Features of mini LC-80
Convenient connection and operation
   CoTubing between units and signal cables are all integrated in mini LC-80 No need of a long-term training, high efficiency lies in the easy installation in
  just  3 steps before operation of unit and convenience of maintenance.
Accessories newly upgraded
   Compared with the former edition, the HPLC upgrades from a normal piston seal to the one of high abrasion resistance, from check valve to integrated
  check valve. Under the guarantee of long service life, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
Intelligent control system
   mini LC-80 is equipped with intelligent chromatographic working station networked. Unit is controlled directly by chromatographic working station; state
  of unit and analytical results both chromatogram and raw data in term of qualitative and quantitative can be efficiently and conveniently acquired from the working station.
The small unit mini LC-80 is integrated with a powerful intelligent control system like the leakage alarm system and the pump head decompression alarm system normally seen in the high-end instruments.
    Structure of miniLC-80




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