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Gel Documentation System
DNA Detection and Documentation with red or green DNA dyes

The FastGene® Blue/Green LED technology enables the detection of red dyes, such as Ethidium Bromide and of our next generation green dyes Midori Green. Both dyes can be visualized using the amber filter on top of the unit.
Unique LED Technology
  Figure 1 – The absorbance spectrum of Ethidium Bromide (grey),
Midori Green Advance (purple) and Midori Green Direct (green)


FAS V Gel Documentation System(CCD-Sensor)




   Get the highest sensitivity with CCD-sensor (0.13 Lux)
  10.4" Touchscreen with intuitive software
  Huge 26x21cm Blue/Green and White LED Transilluminators
  Edit images on screen
  Save in TIFF, JPEG, BMP & PNG
  USB- & ethernet port
  Available with printer
FAS Digi Gel Documentation System

   See the sharpest bands, even at low signals
  Very easy to handle and perfect results out of the box
  Advanced imaging options available
  Robust and Durable
FastGene Blue/Green GelPic LED Box

   The unique Blue/Green LED Technology combined with the smallest Imaging System
  Many Applications - One Imaging System
  Next generation LED technology for red and green DNA dyes
  USB 2.0
  TIFF, BMP and JPEG format





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