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Recycling Preparative HPLC
For preparative HPLC, the column length is one of the keys to improve separation.
However, there is a limit as to the length due to back pressure problem.
To solve this, recycling technique can be applied. After nonely passing through the columns, the sample is recycled by returning to the same columns and the operation is repeated until baseline separation is achieved. With recycling technique, the chromatographic resolution increases by the square root of number of passes through the column and there is no solvent consumption. Recycling conserves solvent use and reduces the investment in columns. This is the method you've been looking for!


New Model of Recycling Preparative HPLC
( LaboACE LC-5060 )( LaboACE LC-7080 )
LaboACE promises you to make Purification steps simple, quick and easy.
   LaboACE is compact enough to fit inside a fume hood or on a benchtop.
    As compact as two letter-size papers. Injector and single port fraction collector are placed in the compact body. Up to two detectors (UV and RI) can also be fitted into the Laboace body.
  Improved Recycling Efficiency
    LaboACE has minimized internal dead volume and installed newly developed non-diffusion unit to prevent baseline rising between cycles.
   Reliable Solvent Delivery
    With more than 50 years of experience, optimized serial double plunger pump dedicated for recycling is installed. The recycling efficiency is greatly improved.
   Non-Diffusion Recycling(Patent)
    During extended recycling period, the recycled sample in the flow line can diffuse between the cycles and into solvent with the danger of contaminating the solvent reservoir. The system has non-diffusion device(patent)that prevents the sample from running back into solvent line and contaminating your sample, columns and damaging detectors with back pressure.
   Auto Cleanup Function
    keeps the flow channels clean automatically. Solvent changeover when changing columns is also made much easily.
   Right Fraction Timing
    The time difference due to dead volume from sample detection to actual fraction will de automatically calculated and no longer need to time it or lose the precious compound.
   Other Useful Function
  Pump stop timer, Solvent volume alert and Fraction bottle capacity function are installed to reduce your concerns of operation.


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