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LAVAwave Series
LAVAwave Series (Microwave digestion system)

   Up to 12 vessels to meet different digestion requirements.
  The volume of cavity is 42L which can match for 12 vessels.
  Special magnetron design which carriers out high microwave leakage
  Built-in control monitoring system to save maintenance cost.
  Pre-installed international standard methods while user can also edit,
    save, modify and delete own
  Real-time monitoring for both temperature and pressure of each vessel.

   The system with use-friendly interface which ensure easy and simple operation.
  We have pre-installed many international application methods while user can also create, edit, save, modify and delete their own methods.
 System Self-diagnosis   Login interface 
Function Selection   System Calibration
Program Methods   Run Interface 

Structure of LAVAwave
Quality Spare Parts

   Sample digestion vessels are made of imported TFM material while outer protection vessels are made of PEEK and glass fiber which prevents
  high pressure and high temperature and also avoids acid, alkali as well as some organic acid.




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