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Nucleic Acid Stains
Non-Carcinogenic DNA stains for nucleic acid staining

Midori Green dyes are a safer alternative to the traditional nucleic acid stain  Ethidium Bromide,  used to detect nucleic acid fragments in agarose gels. These newly developed dyes are non carcinogenic and according to the Ames test they cause significantly lower mutation rates than Ethidium Bromide.
Nucleic Acid Stains
The next generation of in-gel staining

The dilution factor of Midori Green Advance can be as high as 1:25000. Hence 4-6 µl are enough for the staining of 100 ml agarose gel resulting in ~17 to 25 liters of stained agarose gels
Nucleic Acid Stains
In-sample staining for the strongest signal

Midori Green Direct includes a 10x sample loading dye.
The DNA sample and Midori Green Direct will be mixed in
a ratio 10:1
  Midori Green – the safe alternative to ethidium bromide
       Midori Green was developed to offer a non-carcinogenic and less mutagenic dye for detecting dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA in agarose gels. Besides these positive effects for your health Midori Green Advance DNA Stain shows a very high sensitivity even for small fragments as well as a superior signal to noise ratio. The performance and use of Midori Green are in no way inferior to ethidium bromide (EtBr). The signal intensity is absolutely at least on a par with EtBr like the comparison of the following gels shows:
Ethidium bromide (left) in comparison with Midori Green Advance (right) on UV table





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