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X-RAY Diffration


  X-ray Diffraction D2 PHASER  

  X-ray Powder Diffraction on a desktop  
  The D2 PHASER is a novel desktop X-ray diffraction tool enabling the analysis of poly-crystalline material. The D2 PHASER desktop diffractometer is equipped with an integrated PC and a flat screen monitor. The new and very easy-to-use workflow software DIFFRAC.SUITE allows measurement and analysis right out of the box.  
  The D2 PHASER comes with a unique choice of detectors:  
   Scintillation counter for the entry into the world of X-ray powder diffraction
  LYNXEYETM detector for collection of high quality X-ray powder diffraction
  data with unprecedented speed
  XFlash® 430 detector for simultaneous acquisition of X-ray powder
  diffraction and X-ray fluorescence data


  X-ray Diffraction D8 ADVANCE  

  The 1st truly all-purpose Diffraction Solution for X-ray Powder Diffraction  
  The innovative design of the D8 ADVANCE with DAVINCI design plausibly combines operating safety, ease of use, and user safety. Well-matched hardware, electronics, and software ensure an easy adaptation to any application in the field of X-ray powder diffraction.  
  The new D8 ADVANCE ECO is the latest member of the comprehensive D8 XRD product family. It combines the proven high performance of the D8 series with easy extendability and upgradability.  
  Watch our D8 ADVANCE with TWIN/TWIN Video  
  DAVINCI Design  
The intelligent beam path components of the D8 ADVANCE with DAVINCI design provide true plugn play functionality requiring minimum or even no user intervention. Featuring automatic and tool-free switching of the diffraction geometry without the need for complex adjustments, the D8 ADVANCE with DAVINCI design broadens the analytical capabilities for a wide community of X-ray diffraction users.
Together with the Best-Data-Guarantee, which refers to the Alignment Guarantee and Detector Guarantee it just means: operating safety assured.


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