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Xpress LC-1700
Xpress LC-1700
The Xpress LC-1700 is a UHPLC which has an Ultra-high pressure range of 9000 psi and can handle 1.8-2.0 µm HPLC column. It provides separation, high resolution, and faster analysis than conventional HPLCs. Actual analysis time can be reduced to 1/8-1/10 that of a conventional HPLC.

The Xpress LC-1700 offers superior lab solutions for fast super-efficient analysis, while greatly lowering operation costs. Whether it’s about efficiency, precision or overall costs. Xpress LC-1700 has the absolute advantage over international HPLC products which run under normal

Better separation, high resolution and faster analysis

   The Xpress LC-1700 speedy HPLC offers better separation ability
  and peak symmetry as well as more stable baseline and higher resolution. It also greatly reduces analysis times and costs while minimizing environmental impact. The Xpress LC-1700 makes it possible to analyze hundred of samples in just one day.

Ultra-high Precision Infusion Pump System

   Isocratic and Binary high pressure gradient function
  High pressure stable constant-flow pump
  High efficiency small-sized mixer
  Leakage sensor and auto rinsing device are available

High sensitivity UV Detector

   The Xpress LC-1700 UV detector adopts a micro flow cell (1.6µL volume)
    and a high speed A/D data acquisition card (100 samples per second)
  To dramatically enhance quickly-eluted peak detection and waveform
    accuracy. It can measure a minimum full width at half maxima within 0.5 sec. measure a minimum full width at half maxima within 0.5 sec.
  Low noise, low drift and high sensitivity (Patent No. 201320217848.0)

Variety of sample loading for auto-sampler

   GEM 7 auto-sampler is an analytical auto-sampler designed for
  UHPLC. It can be used for injection with all brands of UHPLC. It is a highly cost-effective and premium LC auto-sample

Chromatography Workstation Software

   Each model has two kinds of chromatographic workstation software
   (Professional & Standard) are provided to fulfill different needs. Both working station software are capability of multiple tasking function. Chromatography workstation supports all digital signal output modes and can be used with Windows 8 or 10.

GLP / CFR 21 PART 11 professional chromatography software support

   The workstation conforms to data GMP certification, FDA certification,
  Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification {IQ/OQ), System Suitability Test (SST) and other specifications intended to ensure data validity and security.




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