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Mass Spectrometry detection



Mass Spectrometry detection (mini-MS) MiQ® -1400
MiQ® -1400 one box solution for MS detection
Combining the vacuum system electronics and computer inside one box, our patented MiQ® -1400 products and integrated software provide immediate insights into biological or chemical samples and reactions. This enable users to make quick decisions in real-time to optimise conditons and control process more easily.  

Reliable, robust and user-friendly, the MiQ® -1400 can be installed where no other mass spectrometer can be easily deployed, all while retaining the performance of a conventional mass spectrometer system.

   Small footprint enables deployment anywhere within laboratory or
  processing facilities
  Fully integrated system: built-in Vacuum pumps, Mass analyzer and PC
  Easy to use, simply plug and playconsumables
  Single quadrupole with a mass range of 1400 m/z
  Dimension: 55 x 35 x 25 cm (built-in PC & vacuum pump)
  Weight: 32 kg.

Flexible and easy to use


Accelerate discovery:
Compress timelines for the identification of new drug candidates for a faster route to market

   Bringing analytical capability to users workspace, the MiQ®-1400 identifies
    and characterises compounds as reactions progress, removing the need to wait for information from centralised QC/QA inspection steps.
   Providing more specific and more sensitive data than traditional UV detection
    methods, the MiQ® -1400 allows point - of - need MS on bench, in fume hood, or in-process.

Versatile integration:
Expand point - of - need data for fast, detailed sample analysis

   Interfacing with a whole range of equipment from HPLC, LC, and Prep-LC,
  to more direct introduction methods from your workflow. Our system also couple to other front-end separation devices, such as TLC, CE and Nano-LC.

   With a mass range to 1400 m/z, the MiQ® -1400 can be used for broad range of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications. When combined
  with the Biometrics MiDas compact interface sampling module, it can also be easily deployed in a variety of on-line, at-line and off-line applications.
Microfluidics LC-MS

Benefit of MiQ®-1400

MiDas automated sampling

   A compact liquid sampling interface, our optional MiDas module allows automated sampling, dilution and injection for direct mass spectrometer
  analysis at the point of reaction or during processing.  Integrating seamlessly with the MiQ® -1400, MiDas enables the system to be deployed in a large variety of on-line, at line and off-line pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications.  Featuring a make-up pump and active splitter, Midas dilutes samples from the reaction flow for direct analysis in the MiQ® -1400 mass spectrometer detector. Additionally, its automated sample sequences include flushing to ensure no carry-over.



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