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Gel Electrophoresis System
Gel Electrophoresis System

Gel Chamber
Horizontal gel electrophoresis system, GES with variable tray selection of 10 x 15cm, 7 x 15cm, and 15 x 15 cm is the ideal submarine cell made by injection mode technology for DNA and RNA separation. GES systems can run up to 40 samples at a time. Unique Dams-claw design guarantees no leakage while gel casting. Quick assembling L type electrode is easily to be cleaned and replaced.


   Unique anti-leakage design for gel casting system
  Fluorescence ruler printed on the sample tray
  UV transparent sample tray
  Trustable and accurate power source in the market
  Small footprint, stackable, outshell use fire resistance material
  Up to four sets output
  Membrane key pad for functional setting
  Three digit seven segment LED read out voltage,current and time
  Complete error messages for trouble shooting
Power Supply
The  GPower 300, provides the maximum voltage output of 300V and current output 400mA, with 4 sets output terminal mainly for routine electrophoresis with nucleic acid and SDS-PAGE. With high accuracy and stable output applicable for wet transfer. Easy control Constant V/A with automatic crossover, adjustable voltage and current in minimum 1 V and 1 mA increment provide flexible condition and parameter settings. Three digits seven segments LED readout voltage, current and time. Error messages includes no load detection, sudden load change, over voltage protection, automatic recovery after power failure, short circuit, and current differential alarm for easy troubleshooting. IQ / PQ / OQ protocol is available.


GE-135 Mini Electrophoresis System

GE-135 Mini Electrophoresis System is specifically designed for DNA and RNA electrophoresis. Voltages 18V ~ 135V, compact, lightweight and easy to operate are its features. A magnetic sensor allows current to flow to the electrodes only when the lid is in place. If the lid is removed while the system is operating, it will be shut down immediately. It's ideal for many applications, including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis microsatellite analysis PCR fragment analysis, DNA fingerprinting and high-throughput analysis.


   Input Power: AC100~120V 50~60Hz or AC220~240V with
    transformer 50~60Hz
  Output Power: 18V/25V/35V/50V/70V/100V/135V
  Bath Dimensions (WxDxH): 110x121x43mm
  Volume of Bath: 500ml
  Construction of Bath: PC+ABS with high temperature resistance
  Timer range:1min~99hr59min
  Overall Dimensions (WxDxH):190x130x60mm




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