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NucleoPURE 32 & 96



  NucleoPURE 32 & 96 Nucleic Acid Extraction System

With the latest isolation method of nucleic acid transferred by magnetic rods and preloaded magnetic beads-based extraction reagent, The NucleoPURE Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System can process up to 96 samples and automatically isolate nucleic acids from various samples such as blood, cells, viruses, etc. The magnetic beads are adsorbed, transferred and released by the special magnetic rod, so as to realize the fully automated purification of nucleic acid.
• Strong magnetic force
   4500-5500 gauss magnetic rod ensure magnetic beads
   recovery rate ≥98%

• Avoid  cross contamination
  Intelligent magnetic rod motion control system and UV sterilization  
  module effectively reduce the cross contamination between wells
• Door opening protection
  The program automatically pauses when opening the door in the working 
   state, and automatically continues after closing.
• Open system 
   Applicable to various magnetic beads-based extraction reagents
Working Principle




Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) Extraction Kits


Optimized for your experiments


Unique room temperature stable Proteinase K, all reagent in the kit do not need to be stored at low temperature.


The magnetic beads optimized for genomic DNA/RNA of pathogenic microorganism have excellent adsorption effect on small fragment of nucleic acids.


With high repeatability and yield, it is able to recover trace amount of pathogenic microorganism genomic DNA/RNA



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