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BioBead BH-24C


BioBead BH-24C Bead Mill Homogenizer

BioBead homogenizer is an open, fast efficient high-throughput sample preparation system. It can deal with max. 24 samples per run. By using with our optimized reagents & kits, the BioBead system can dispose various sources of samples, including soil, plant tissue, animal organs, bacteria, yeast, fungus, spore, paleontology specimen, etc. BioBead is your best laboratory assistant for multiple research activities such as pharmaceutics, biochemistry, environmentology, geology and so on.


With its patented cooling function, the system can break the cytoderm rapidly, especially for the difficult and sensitive samples, such as RNA or protein, so to hold on the longer processing time at the lower temperature to release the genomic DNA, RNA or proteins easily. It adopts the advanced microprocessing technology to ensure the exact temperature control.
The BioBead BH-24C model, with the centrifuging function, enables the machine to centrifuge the sample after the first step of sample preparation so to get the target easily for your next step of the experiment of extraction and purification.
With the 5.7’ colorful touch screen display, it is intuitive and convenient to set protocols and run up to 10 programs directly from the shortcut of the interface.
By using the enhanced locks, it is easy to change and fix the rotators for different kinds of sample tubes.

BioBead is an open platform for various customized reagents. However the optimized BioBead kits provide the Ready to use solution for your experiments.

BioBead grinding principle:
   Physical method
  Chemical method
  Biological method
  By three-dimensional high-speed motion, grinding beads shear and grate each other, using formula reagents to lyse cell wall/membrane as well as to protect the nucleic acid protein, to hence achieve the extraction of target DNA, RNA or protein.  
Patented Technologies
   Long time sample processing
  Cooling function
  Sample processing with centrifugation


BioBead Kits


Optimized for your experiments

   Strong zirconia crystal beads.
  DNase & RNase Free self-sealing tubes.
  No hazard formula, such as Phenol chloroform.
  DNA/RNA protective reagents included.


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